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Felicia worked on this film as an Associate Producer/Corporate Governance Manager over the production.

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The film chronicles the journey of Ellie Walker whose life as she knows it collapses around her, forcing her to return to her childhood home which she fled when she was 18, having been frightened by paranormal phenomena as a child. Upon her return, she discovers her home occupied by a squatter, Cyrus, with legal claims to the house as she had abandoned it 14 years ago. Angered, Ellie wages a legal battle against the unwelcome squatter, but his sphere of influence grows as he intrudes in her life, poisoning her relationships and demonstrating an eerily dark connection to the house and the forces still at work therein. After moving back into her home and sharing access with Cyrus as part of a stipulated settlement agreement, Ellie struggles against an intensifying paranormal activity: an invisible horror unleashed in the house. United with her childhood friend, Josiah, Ellie discovers a darker truth to the house and its history, one that reaches into her family's past and reveals its murderous intent towards her. The further Ellie pushes for the truth, the tighter the web of supernatural forces and those who have surrendered to it tighten around her, forcing Ellie to risk everything and everyone she holds dear. The film boldly looks at issues of faith, covenant, inheritance, deliverance, and generational curses, portrayed throughout this very viscerally-portrayed, faith-based supernatural horror film.

Felicia was the Distribution Director for this film.  She was hire after the DVD release date had been announced to work on a 10-week full-time interim contract.  The film had a limited release and was successfully distributed at 10 theatres in 10 cities throughout the country


A down-on-his-luck rock musician on the run now stranded in a desert netherworld.
A deviously smooth talking hitchhiker.
A rogue, self proclaimed, frighteningly huge mountain man with an uncanny prophetic ability; and
A mystifying beauty with a shadowy past some how associated with this doomsday “prophet”; 

MIDNIGHT RECKONING is an 86-minute mind-bender of a morality tale that tells the story of a man told that he’ll be dead by dawn if he can’t justify what he’s done with his life!  This is a gripping Twilight Zonish type of thriller with spiritual undertones that won Best Sci-Fi/Horror film at three film festivals.

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