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EVENT management services

Felicia produces and manages corporate and non profit events in the most cost effective, yet creative ways possible so as to raise national awareness for organizations and create opportunities for growth and client morale buoyancy.  

From Concept to Clean-up, here is a list of some of the event management services offered.  



Provide management and oversight services for all production areas, including budget generation and management, implementation of concept design, solicitation and coordination of talent and VIP guests, solicitation and coordination of vendors and in-kind sponsors, oversight of graphic design process, printing, management of production timeline, all consultants and firms, team members and committees.


Develop and finalize the overall concept design for the Gala, collaborate with Client-approved firms in the implementation / execution of the production plan, and provide specific services pursuant to each production plan.



Manage all the aspects of Celebrity guests and talent attendees including invitations and logistics arrangements and run of show all in cooperation with the Client approved Publicist regarding all press/publicity issues, including Celebrity arrivals and interviews


Develop an integrated solution to be as flexible and user-friendly as it is powerful. This proprietary solution empowers clients with the tools necessary to tap into one single resource packed with high-caliber features - eCommerce capabilities, SEO tools, social media widgets and full customization.  The team can create a completely unique look and feel that matches the branding vision for your event.



Facilitate introductions to high-profile celebrities, elected officials, and corporate and non-profit industry leaders; Leverage existing relationships with potential Corporate Sponsors; and cooperate with Client-approved fund raising company regarding identification of benefit committee, honorees and speakers.


Prepare and maintain a detailed task list and timeline showing assignments and due dates for completion of all major tasks related to the Event. The task list can be submitted for Client’s approval. The team can send periodic task list updates with revised due dates as appropriate.


In collaboration with the Client Approved graphic design company, the team can manage the planning, branding, design and production of all printed materials. Costs of printing, graphic design, mail house, and postage can be paid by Client.

invitation list

Transfer data from Client’s databases and can enter by hand up to 300 new names and addresses provided by the benefit committee or from Client’s house lists.

guest list.png



Facilitate the selling and collection of paid advertisements in the event journal. (Editorial content, except donor lists, are the responsibility of Client. Costs of design, layout, and printing will be paid for by Client.)


Work with Client to produce a live auction to be held at the Event. Felicia's team can work with Client to acquire lots for the auction, draft copy to be included in day-of-show materials, ensure that all items to be auctioned are present on the day of show, recruit a suitable professional auctioneer, which fee shall be paid for by Client, and manage fulfillment of all items purchased at auction.



Host a half-day seating meeting at your office to review all seating assignments prior to the day of show. Client staff may participate in person or by phone. At Client’s option, an off-site seating meeting can be arranged for an additional fee plus any direct expenses. (Off-site seating meetings require a suitable conference room equipped with laser printer, Internet access, telephone, and overhead projector, as well as provisions for food and beverage.)



Felicia's team can be solely responsible for submitting the final seating plan to the caterer for the Event. The seating plan is created in close coordination with Client and its donors.  The team can provide Client draft copies of the seating plan prior to the Day of Show for its review. Changes can be made to the seating plan up to 24 hours prior to the scheduled time of the Event and every reasonable effort to make additional changes to seating arrangements can be made as requested on the day of show.


Plan, write, and manage all mass mailings, including graphic design supervision and branding. (Costs of printing, graphic design, mail house, and postage will be paid by Client.)

day of


Supervise the preparation and execution of the Event on the day of show - the day or days that the Event takes place. Activities for which Felicia's team can be responsible include Script Writing Services, Supervision of the Celebrity Red Carpet, Troubleshooting, Pre-Registration and Registration of Guests, and Auction Prep and Delivery to winners.

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