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A 2nd Chance in the 2nd Chapter of Life!

We exist to inspire Women Over 40 to re-invent themselves, ignite hope through Entrepreneurship, and embrace their 2nd Chances in their 2nd Chapters of Life!  Each of our 5 Divisions specializes in building up our clients to compete successfully in the marketplace as small business owners.  

Reinventing YOU!

One on One & Group Life Coaching, Monthly Events, and Masterminds for Entrepreneurial Women Over 40

We help you begin your entrepreneurial journey by empowering your heart and mind through life purpose coaching. Then we give you access to becoming a BusyGal Member so as to receive discounts on our uplifting events and business building opportunities wherein you can meet others with whom you can build camaraderie as you launch your individual businesses 

Division I

Division I


It's never too late to become an Entrepreneur!

BusyGal's Business Entrepreneurial Education System mission is to cultivate your entrepreneurial mindset and empower you with the knowledge, tools, and resources you need to success so that you can confidently launch your new business as a Women Over 40 Entrepreneur! Our

platform features 1 Curriculum, 8 Core Courses, 1 Super 12-module course and over 70 individual classes (or modules). 

Purpose, Passion & Profit!

Empowering All To Become Entrepreneurs!

The mission of this division is to galvanize women to become more independent, authentic to who they are, live lives of purpose and passion, and ultimately defy the gravity of financial strongholds that keep us marginalized. We do this by giving them access to multi-billion dollar industries and markets.  We provide training opportunities that teach business prospects how to create ongoing residual income so that prospective business owner partners can take control of their own financial destinies.

Division III

 Division IV 

sometimes business owners need a hand...

BusyGal helps to make small business owners irresistible to their target clients!

Virtual Assistance (VA) comes in many forms these days.  A VA is an office administration professional offering remote or online support to small and medium sized businesses.

BusyGal Friday VA Services provides administrative virtual assistance, social media marketing, video creation services, website design and development through Websolutions powered by maWebcenters and integrated Infusionsoft CRM Email Marketing for our business clients.   


We feature women as taking the reins of industry and business, no matter what industry or business they spearhead

This Channel is built to inspire, educate and entertain by broadcasting mainstream stories from diverse populations. The types of shows we broadcast include news, business educational programming, interview and variety series, scripted comedies and dramatic series, documentaries, and theatrical made for tv films, for and about women, specifically with a focus on the entrepreneurial over 40 set.

 Division V 

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