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George Drance, of Magis Theatre Company, will be performing *mark, a new solo performance based on The Gospel of Mark, at La MaMa, May 29th - June 15th. Here, he answers our six questions.

Through the Eyes of a Street Artist

The early days of Christianity, when Christians met in secret and communicated via cryptic symbols to avoid persecution by the Roman emperor Nero, is the focus of a new play featuring George Drance, S.J., artist in residence in Fordham’s Theatre Program. 

Jesuit Contemporizes Gospel of Mark in One-Man Play

When ticketholders show up for the play *mark on Manhattan’s Lower East Side, they’ll walk by fish symbols drawn in chalk on the sidewalk that point toward “the meeting place.”

Santora: Actor's 'Passion' makes 'The Word' come to life

GEORGE DRANCE, the only actor in "The Gospel of Mark," juggles multiple roles with intensity and verve.

A Strange and Urgent Tale: The Gospel of Mark, retold

A bearded, haunted man scrambles into the black box theater wearing a soot-colored hoodie, jeans with fist-sized holes at both knees, and a slim backpack, while red siren lights flash and tense cop-show music blares.

*mark Uninterrupted


George Drance, S.J., talks about his solo theatrical performance of the entire Gospel of Mark, now playing in New York City through June 15. For more information and tickets visit

Magis Theatre - *mark Gallery

Here are some pictures from the production of *mark performed by George Drance.

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